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How to convert RGB to HEX color code?

What is RGB color?

• RGB color, stands for Red, Green and Blue, three main colors are mixed together to create other colors.

• Three main colors (Red, Green, Blue) use 8 bits, have integer values from 0 to 255. The number of colors that can be generated is: 256×256×256 = 1677721610 = 100000016

What is HEX color code?

• HEX color code is a 6 digits hexadecimal number: RRGGBB16 (RR16 represent the Red color, GG16 represent the Green color and BB16 represent the Blue color).

Convert RGB to HEX color:

• How to convert? Convert the Red, Green and Blue color values from decimal to hexadecimal and then concatenate the 3 hexadecimal values of the Red, Green and Blue.


1. Convert Pink color in RGB to HEX color code:

• Pink RGB color code: rgb(255,192,203)

• R = 25510 = FF16

• G = 19210 = C016

• B = 20310 = CB16

• The hex color code is: FFC0CB

2. Convert Orange color in RGB to HEX color code:

• Orange RGB color code: rgb(255,165,0)

• R = 25510 = FF16

• G = 16510 = A516

• B = 010 = 0016

• The hex color code is: FFA500

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