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How to convert HEX color code to RGB color?

What is HEX color code?

• HEX color code is a 6 digits hexadecimal number: RRGGBB16 (RR16 represent the Red color, GG16 represent the Green color and BB16 represent the Blue color).

What is RGB color?

• RGB color, stands for Red, Green and Blue, three main colors are mixed together to create other colors.

• Three main colors (Red, Green, Blue) use 8 bits, have integer values from 0 to 255. The number of colors that can be generated is: 256×256×256 = 1677721610 = 100000016

Convert HEX to RGB color:

• How to convert? Convert the two left digits of the hex color code to decimal value to get the red color level, the two middle digits to get the green color level and the two right digits to get the blue color level.


1. Convert Tomato color in HEX to RGB:

• Pink HEX color code: #FF6347

• R = FF16 = 25510

• G = 6316 = 9910

• B = 4716 = 7110

• The RGB color is: rgb(255,99,71)

2. Convert Violet color in HEX to RGB:

• Orange HEX color code: #EE82EE

• R = EE16 = 23810

• G = 8216 = 13010

• B = EE16 = 23810

• The RGB color is: rgb(238,130,238)

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